Home Artisan Group

We have been making life simple for folks ever since 2000 when we first started practicing our “art” of doing whatever a homeowner asked us to do.

Our founder, Jared Barcz, wanted to be a home builder since he was a kid, so he set about learning how to build one all by himself. Experience in Masonry, Excavation, Rough and Finish Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, and Roofing led to his setting out on his own in 2000. A background, which includes historic restoration and participation in church “quick builds” where entire modern structures were built in 4 days, showed him from an early age what projects looked like when no room for error was considered and the plan was beyond thorough.

Jared has built this Group, which will never stop working on improving, but stands today as a complete, well-tuned machine.

From wholesaling, doing their own specialty work, training the crew with their own Artisan training program, adding an Interior Designer to the team…the list goes on and on, THAG is ready to impress you from start you finish.

We Are Homemade in the USA!

The Home Artisan Group makes and uses as close-to as possible to 100% MADE IN USA Products.

While some parts like the computer controls of thermostats and boilers are not available at all in the US, most parts can be found being made to high quality standards.
It has been estimated and verified that if every home builder in the US would follow this practice it would create 250,000 jobs. Help in the spreading of that idea!