Why Us?

Because everything is under one roof. Because we are often better and may actually cost less.

“Costs Less” Do we mean that?? Yes, our focus on efficiency, streamlines construction and cut costs by moving in, as close as possible to, a straight line forward. It is a dynamic industry but our thorough planning ensures we have the best chance of reaching our time frame goals and less time re-working or adjusting because of errors, miscommunication, or changeing things that weren’t thought of before.

Our materials cost less. We have formed great relationships with our suppliers who understand what we need from a cost perspective. In addition, we wholesale materials wherever possible. Granite, Tile, Hardscaping Materials and many other items are there to choose from when the budget becomes the focus.

It is also important to mention that we have cut Retail pricing for services out of the picture wherever possible such as in doing our own Shower Glass

Because on more intense projects such as a kitchen or addition, we can move seamlessly from step to step.

We also have more accountability because we are looking to build a relationship rather than just get in and get the job done. You may have your sidewalks only done once on your life, But if its THAG doing it we are thinking about getting your future work too. Not that we will never see you again, where’s the check and where’s the next job?.

Every project includes a thorough plan developed through our proprietary process.

If you are considering a painting project an Interior designer will show up to take measurements instead of a builder. They can both measure but only one has 35 years experience in picking perfect colors professionally.

On any project you are going to get unbiased advice because of our versatility. We will not tell you a floor can not be restored because we want to sell you new flooring. We will not restrict the size of your kitchen for fear of structural work.

Larger projects are handled with such greater ease that you will find time to incorporate designs and ideas that are more specific to your tastes and liking.

What is Our “Style” / What Does Our Logo Mean?

Many design firms are known for their trademark “style” THAG is first and foremost a builder, so how does this translate?

To answer that question we often refer to out Logo. The logo is of the top part of a Greek Cloumn. But not just any column. It is a female figure so it would be called a “Caryatid”

The most famous use of this design is the Porch of the Maidens on the west wall of the Parthenon depicted here. We are pretty sure no one has ever looked at that and thought it looked weird, and there is a reason for that…the Greeks knew the rules.

One of the rules was things need a beginning, middle and end. Click here for examples— caseqwork, roof lines, break down molding

However, it did not matter what was placed in these position. You could stick a female form, a male form, an animal, whatever you wanted!

That is THAG role. We know the rules. We help you pick things you love and then put them together in the order we know to be one that works. We will guide tose decisions but not tell you directly unless asked.

Our input tends to be classical. By very definition these are characteristics that will stand the test of time, add re-sale value, and end up being choices you love forever.

 As our portfolio shows, we are comfortable with, Modern, Contemporary, Danish, Classical, Americana, whatever makes our clients feel truly at Home.