Custom Homes

When having a custom house built, do you want a builder who considers Building a house to be one of the easier things that they do? That’s exactly the case with The Home Artisan Group.  Some remodeling projects and Historic restoration projects they tackle are much more complicated than even a house. Imagine a 1400 square foot addition built OVER an existing house. It is like building a house on top of a house!

This leaves room for The Home Artisan Group to build their houses like absolute rocks. Inside and out, they are stylish, appropriate, laid out with the homeowners’ needs in mind and chockfull of features that make it function and operate like a charm.

Home Artisan houses also consume less energy. Our founder, Jared, was doing his first experiments in the insulative value of different material (especially related to cost almost 20 years ago) far before “green building” hit the market. His shell designs are the foundation (okay not the literal foundation, but you understand) of all of THAG structures.

The Home Artisan Group looks at the code requirements of new homes to be a minimum. THAG always does more. Whether it is using thicker insulation, providing sprinklers as part of their custom home spec, or over-framing to ensure our homes last 300 years, we set our own minimums. The Home Artisan Group’s founder actually set out to be the best home builder. The fact that the market demanded a focus on remodeling has not strayed us at all from our commitment to making the process of having a custom home built an enjoyable, rewarding one. If someone is willing to invest that much money for a special place to call their own, they deserve to be taken good care of, to have all their questions asked, and to have an advocate on their side for anything.


When considering a Custom Home, picking the right plot of land and the right location on that land are crucial steps. The Home Artisan Group is aligned with numerous Realtors and Developers to help you find the right spot.

When picking the layout, we will consider the direction the sun shines (natural light tends to be very important to our designs) tree lines, and every factor. We even have a member of our staff who serves on a local Zoning Board to help with setbacks, easements, etc, and to eliminate problems before they arise.

Often the process will evolve to going to an Architect with the initial concepts. For this purpose, we have developed relationships with the extraordinary Architects and their commitment to taking care of people blends right in with THAG.

Our team is rounded out with DH Enterprises for all of our engineering consulting.

Our team is also available for consulting on either Energy conservation projects, Home Remodeling estimates for Our team is also available for consulting on either Energy conservation projects, Home Remodeling estimates for potential purchase, Historic Restorations, Grant applications, and general Design.